Hawaii Roofing Contractor

About This Project

Roofing contractor working with BDI Consulting increases net profit from a loss to 15% in the first year and grows revenues from $4 million to $12.5 million in three years.

The BDI analysis identified the outpoints in this company that was leading to a loss of profit on current revenues. BDI helped manage the accounting, billing, organizational alignment, policies and procedures that were necessary to make this company profitable and handle past debt. Then we moved quickly into the phase of growing the business. Once the infrastructure and the rest of the organization was handled from the first phase we focused on increasing the bid to award ratio a major area of focus to grow the business. We helped implement a process and efficiencies with sales estimators that reduced their time of estimating from 1 a month to over 3 a month which increased the number and ratio of bids. This combination of BDI hands on training, policy development, focus on sales strategy and more have set this company up for growth each year.


20 November