More About BDI


A Fresh Perspective on How to Grow!


Our end-product is “results” guaranteed to deliver the following to your business:


  • The creation of a stable and growth oriented business environment for the business owner and employees.
  • Establishment of clear and concise purpose, goals, and strategies for financial growth for all company personnel.
  • Training and instruction for all personnel in the organization so they recognize their role, how to achieve results and know what they are expected to accomplish on a precise schedule.
  • We work until there is confirmation that the business is functioning efficiently under new goals and strategies and performing properly.
  • Our guarantee is that within one year of the completion of our assignment that your business will at minimum produce profit increases equal to three times the amount invested in the project.

This 5-point end-product guarantee moves the business owner out of being overwhelmed with the “fire of the day” to having an organization that is fully working for him/her. Our work with you is defined as the process of creating an ideal structure for your business where everyone is aligned and responsible for the growth and success of the business. We help you remove the day-to-day time constraining issues and run the organization more productively through goals, strategies, statistics, procedures and sanity. Our involvement creates an ideal scenario where you the executive will feel like the business is running itself.



BDI works with clients across a number of industries. Our expertise cuts across these industries to understand the major issues that each industry faces. We use our 1-3 day analysis to quickly identify your companies specific issues and then help you address these problem areas. With our immediate hands-on expertise we help you make the shifts necessary to thrive and grow.




We work with our manufacturing clients to address the major issues including:


  • MRP Systems
    (Materials Requirement Planning)
  • Inventory Control & Management
  • Employee Hiring & Retention
  • Job Costing



With retail clients we find they need our help across a number of issues including:


  • Sales and Marketing
  • Theft
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Billing % Accounts Receivable
  • Display Management
  • Employee Hiring, Training & Retention



We work with clients in the service industry to address major issues including:


  • Sales and marketing
  • Employee scheduling
  • Accounts Receivables and Billables
    – Employee Hiring & Retention
    – Job Cost Controls
    – Bid to Award Ratio



We work with technology clients to address their biggest issues:


  • Building strategic plans
  • Prepare an infrastructure for growth
  • Sales and marketing
  • Employee hiring and training and retention



We work with a range of transportation companies who deal with major issues like:


Traditional Transportation

  • Repair & Maintenance Costs
  • Billing & Accounts Receivable
  • Dead Head Percentage
  • Employee Hiring & Retention
  • Rolling Cost Per Mile


Auto Collision/Mechanical Shop

  • Estimating & Job Cost Controls
  • Billing & Accounts Receivable
  • Employee Hiring & Retention


Auto Dealers

  • Absorption Rate
  • Floor Traffic Demo & Closing Percentages
  • Parts Inventory Control
  • Mechanic Hiring & Retention

Construction / Building Products

We work with clients to address major issues in construction and building products like:


  • Bid to Award ratio’s
  • Job costs controls from estimate to actual
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Employee Hiring, Training and Retention


Stage 1: The Analysis (Only 1 -3 days)


We begin our engagement with a 1-3 day situational analysis depending on the size of the business. We recognize you have little time because it’s needed to run the business so we have created a fast but thorough and effective way to identify the issues that need addressing. We are not about waiting until the end of a long and laborious 3-6 month analysis of your company and then delivering you a “thud” factor report. Our analysis quickly leads you to the top-line recommendations, areas of improvement and our recommendation on how we can assist you “hands-on” in fixing these areas and getting your business growing.


The analysis includes the following components:


  • Opening conference (1 ½ to 2 hours)
  • Financial trend analysis and business operational review (comparing to like companies)
  • Employee interviews and questionnaire
  • Review and discussion of short and long-term goals and objectives
  • Ongoing discussion with owners, managers and key personnel identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Review of agreed upon issues and plan to resolution
  • Closing conference (2 or more hours) with oral presentation of the findings, results and recommendations about how to


The outcome of the analysis delivers any number of recommendations on how to improve business operations, increase productivity, identify new growth strategies, make the business run more efficiently, improve ease of operations, increase profitability, develop productivity-based excess profit incentive plans for employees, decrease your tax burden with proven tax reduction strategies, develop a succession plan, improve business value, develop greater employee accountability, reduce the stress you feel as a business owner, and review all other business issues of interest to you.


Whether your needs are operational or financial, in this comprehensive analyses we conduct a review of financial performance in order to provide a return on investment calculation tied to implementing our recommended business improvements.


Stage 2: Executing on Agreed Areas of Improvement with You and Your Team


At this stage we have mutually agreed on the areas that need improvement and our highly skilled consultants begin working in your company alongside you and your teams in each of the specific areas. Some of the areas of improvement might include:


  • a finance department that is in trouble with accounts payables and receivables and is not managing by statistics
  • employees who are all busy but departments are not achieving goals and sales are just not happening
  • or communication is just not happening from department to department or department to vendor or customer etc. and is resulting in complete lack of production
  • lacking a growth strategy


The list is potentially long and clearly unique to your business. What makes BDI unique is that we bring in our consultants who are prepared with a range of tools that specifically address these issues and who work alongside you and your team to get the business functioning smoothly. Examples of how we might solve some of the problem areas noted above include:


  • working alongside your finance department team getting the department using best financial procedures and planning using statistics to manage and monitor the area
  • implement an organizational board that identifies who is doing what, identifying key roles, and specifically train each employee on their role, expectations, goals and end products
  • putting in place operational policies to ensure that communication lines happen efficiently and effectively
  • or helping you identify new strategies for growth and beginning the execution of those strategies


Stage 3: Yearly Check-up


The best way to ensure that an organization keeps in its new procedures, policies, and growth plans is to plan for a yearly check-up. Recognizing that change occurs throughout the year from employees to competition to business environment – a planned quick review does not take a lot of time but can be priceless in keeping your business goals on-track.


Are you ready for your analysis? Have us call you!