26 Sep Full Business Development International Intro Video

Business Development International. Changing the world, one business at a time. Bernard Bonner, CEO of BDI, answers questions about his organization and also goes over the work the company has done for T&T Tinting. This video features interviews with the Tommy Silva, CEO of T&T tinting and his staff, that were done in the middle of the consulting engagement. This video is excellent for anyone who might have questions about working with Business Development International.

In this video the following questions are asked and answered:

— How have things changed since working with BDI? (21s)

— What can BDI do for my business? (5m 22s)

— What is an analysis? (8m 54s)

— What happens after the analysis? (12m 20s)

— Has the consulting engagement gotten in the way of production? (14m 43s)

— What does BDI do for businesses and executives? (16m 2s)

— How do I make my business fun again? (17m 35s)

— Things are “good” in my business, why do I need BDI? (18m 57s)

— What does BDI do for employees? (21m 15s)

— What are these unique training videos that you create for businesses? (23m 00s)

— Bernard, why do you do this? (27m 38s)


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